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RECoN™ Wireless LAN

A truly portable, self-configuring, self-healing, standards-based, non-line-of-sight, completely wireless, broadband network system. Each RECoN™ Wireless LAN is a small battery-operated unit capable of instantly establishing an 802.11b wireless meshed digital network in adverse environments.

These wireless broadband systems have multiple applications for homeland security, emergency operations, public safety and normal commercial operations in minining, construction, etc.. These systems allow rapid deployment of high bandwidth applications such as streaming video, IP telephony, Internet access, and environmental sensing and monitoring. First responders can use these portable and self-powered systems wherever spontaneous deployment of networks, are required to support situation awareness and maintain connectivity to other sites.

The system supports access to, or replacement of, existing telecom networks that have been disrupted or do not exist. Anvil's RECoN™ Wireless LAN provides broadband networking for handheld, wearable computing and monitoring devices (client devices) anywhere in the target area with support personnel and systems located safely away. These client devices consist of a wide-ranging variety of computing, sensing and monitoring equipment. Client computing devices may be loaded with mission-specific applications and are able to interconnect to an incident-wide wireless network.

The RECoN™ Wireless LAN may provide secure communications, depending upon the specific needs of the customer. Efficient and secure administration in any wireless networking environment is challenging. Anvil can provide security solutions ranging from software encryption to Type 1 classified hardware technology, upon request. In addition, Anvil's Command and Control Systems are specifically designed to efficiently perform network management and change operations.

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