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Sentinel FM

Newest breed of multi-network security and
transportation platform that works

Sentinel-FM is a turn-key high-security fleet management solution developed by BSM Wireless that provides security, location, reporting and messaging capabilities for fleet managers who need to more effectively secure and manage their vehicles.

Based on an ASP model the Sentinel-FM system uses GPS technology to pinpoint the location of a customer's vehicles, wireless data technology to communicate the information to BSMís data servers and the Internet to give customers complete access 24/7 from anywhere in their organization using a standard web browser.

A fleet manager can utilize the Sentinel-FM system to manage vehicle security including monitoring vehicles for security breaches or theft and controlling critical vehicle functions. For example, unauthorized vehicle access can automatically generate a critical alarm notification that a fleet manager can respond to by disabling the vehicle with the click of a mouse.

The system also allows a fleet manager to generate detailed reports on location, speed, direction of travel, stops and more, utilize two-way text messaging to improve fleet management operations and make use of user-defined landmarks to locate the nearest vehicle and assist in scheduling and reporting.

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