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The Firepad Platform lets you use standard Web editing tools to create sophisticated mobile applications, including rich high-definition graphics and even video; then flexibly distribute them for use on nearly any Palm device ever made.

Firepad's 5 handheld, desktop and server applications integrate tightly, yet provide your organization with the flexibility to change and expand.

What can you do with the Firepad platform? Here are just a few examples.

Military & Law Enforcement   Military & Law Enforcement Trade Show Exhibit Reference   Trade Show Exhibit Reference

The U.S. Secret Service purchased Firepad software to carry custom maps of buildings and venues.

Officers at U.S. Navy CincPacFleet used it to create beamable diagrams of the chain of command.

And the U.S. Navy Seals purchased Firepad software in volume for... well, if they told us, they'd have to kill us.

The Saab division of General Motors purchased the Firepad platform in volume to create exhaustive handheld manuals for their exhibitors at the 2002 Detroit Motor Show. This reduced exhibitor training costs while providing a reference that could be readily beamed to fleet buyers' Palm handhelds.

Field Service Manuals   Field Service Manuals Medical Reference   Medical Reference

Put service manuals, including detailed diagrams and searchable text, at your field service technician's fingertips. Maintain them centrally and push updates anytime.

Content stays in pure HTML, so you are never "locked in" to any Firepad or Palm.

Several U.S. and Canadian medical schools have purchased Firepad software in volume to provide ready reference material to students (See Field Force Automation magazine, Sept. 2001).

Content can be accessed wirelessly, batched via HotSync, or emailed using our flexible MediaBook technology.

Security & Surveillance   Security & Surveillance Real Estate, Travel & Hospitality   Real Estate, Travel & Hospitality

With the Firepad Platform, your organization can stream live video from any PC webcam to any wireless Palm handheld. Security staff remains on the move while watching feeds from remote cameras.

Use the same platform to put security procedures into the hands of your staff on the ground -- yet administer and update them centrally, anytime.

Maintain up-to-date photos, floor plans, features and prices for listed homes in the palm of your hand! Implement it all with standard HTML and image types. FirePublisher and FireViewer are a natural extension for any agency that uses the Web to communicate with agents in the field.

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