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Providing high-tech personal security
and peace of mind

BSM's Watchdog offers security and peace of mind. With security emerging as a primary concern for both business and consumers alike the power of knowing your assets are secure is priceless. The Watchdog system provides useful alerts via email or pager based on a host of user defined rules. User defined rules can include speeding violations, detect break-ins, or even when your vehicle has entered or exited a specific geographic area.

Watchdog Roadside Assistance Services
Have a flat? Need a tow? We can help you wherever you break down with complete roadside services directed to your car's precise location.

Stolen Vehicle Recovery
Watchdog allows you to arm your vehicle via a key FOB. The system protects your investment by allowing our call center to locate your vehicle and coordinate its recovery with the authorities in the event of a theft. Additional notifications can be made based on a predefined list of contact phone, pager number and email addresses.

Onboard Technician
Troubled about that strange dashboard warning light? Watchdog services notifies you and your service provider immediately with a description of the problem.

Top Ten Commonly Stolen Vehicles in the United States

  1. Toyota Camry
  2. Honda Accord
  3. Honda Civic
  4. Oldsmobile Cutlass / Supreme / Ciera
  5. Jeep Cherokee / Grand Cherokee
  6. Chevrolet Full Size C/K Pickup
  7. Toyota Corolla
  8. Ford Taurus
  9. Chevrolet Caprice
  10. Ford F150 Pickup

Source: National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB). Statistics for 2001.

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