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Business today is highly competitive. Every aspect of an operation needs to be closely monitored. The fleet of vehicles used in delivering company product is an integral part of good customer service. A company can leverage current technology to address many of its fleet management challenges, such as, poor productivity, lack of cost control and ineffective customer service.

Telematics combines remote vehicle communications with information technology and is used today to track vehicles and collect pertinent data. Properly analyzed, the data becomes invaluable information and can contribute significantly to business efficiencies, cost reductions and improved customer service.

Telematics uses a combination of satellite and wireless based technology to pinpoint the vehicle and transmit the data for analysis. Historical data is stored on the administration servers for future review. Key aspects of telematics include automatic vehicle location, monitoring and performance management, reporting and mobile office enablement (provides driver with on-line access in the vehicle).

The ROI on implementing telematics can be significant and achieved relatively quickly. Over the next decade telematics is going to reshape basic fleet operations and business processes. It offers a wide range of real-time applications and can also be integrated into a company's back office operations.

Anvil has teamed with partner BSM Wireless to bring you the best in telematics solutions. BSM Wireless is the industry-leading provider of advanced high-security tracking and fleet management systems that employ location-based technologies, wireless communication and the internet.

Recognized as the industry leader in High-security Telematics, BSM Wireless offers a variety of turnkey and customized vehicle tracking solutions for law enforcement, fleet management, high-values asset protection, and consumer safety.

Stinger :: Stinger - Law Enforcement Bait and Covert
BSM Stinger is an innovative turnkey vehicle tracking and surveillance system for law enforcement bait vehicle programs.
Sentinel FM :: Sentinel FM - Fleet Management & Security
The Sentinel FM provides fleet management plus the added benefit of securing assets and staff. You can monitor your assets at anytime, anywhere from any web enabled device.
Guardian :: Guardian - High Security and Executive Protection
The Guardian provides a client server based solution for surveillance tracking of vehicles and mobile assets in high-risk operations complete with self-hosted and secured on site database.
Watchdog :: Watchdog - Consumer Safety
Watchdog, a state-of-the-art consumer in-vehicle system providing, roadside assistance, stolen vehicle recovery, and onboard technician.

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