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Black Coral Inc. is a leading edge product company developing technology solutions for emergency response, military, homeland security teams and humanitarian relief workers - enabling them to see more, understand faster, make better decisions.

By combing quick and efficient access to fused visual information, the result is improved situational awareness, communications with key personnel via text based messaging system, collaborative mapping capabilities, Blue Force Tracking and optimizing emergency planning and response through visual, real-time, global collaboration.

Black Coral's product is the answer to the lack of available collaboration tools in a multi-agency / department crisis planning or response. It enable ad hoc collaboration between entities, so critical information can be shared to improve the response time, reduce waste and ultimately save lives.

Black Coral LIVE is vendor-neutral when it comes to data acquisition. Our technology is based on the principle that geospatial data should be accessible, understandable, trusted, and interoperable. Black Coral LIVE was designed to acquire any geospatial data in its native format. Real-time data feeds are fused into a situation overlay to provide continuous monitoring and feedback.

Black Coral LIVE can access any web services, distributed, remote and local data in vector, raster, live feeds, GRID, elevation, or database formats. A geospatial expert sets up virtual "project spaces" for the distributed team with an initial set of required data to start the project. Live updates are acquired and fused "on-the-fly" as a situation evolves.


Key Features and Benefits


Often a situation arises, where various teams work on different projects or tasks, yet need to have access to the same dataset. Black Coral LIVE was designed to support multiple teams working simultaneously. This capability provides an advantage over thin client architectures, where all geospatial information and its representation (e.g. all map layers) can only be seen in one way by everyone. The ability to reach back to the team and share annotated layers provides decentralized data editing and real-time communications in context among team members. Even novice users can quickly add markups and annotations to maps with Black Coral LIVE, and share these markups and annotations with their team.


First-time users see a simplified version of the interface, which allows them to be effective immediately and hides the complexities of geospatial analysis performed by the experts through an advanced, more powerful version of the user interface visible to them only.


Black Coral LIVE v3.0 delivers a simple, easy to use Incident Response (IR) feature to track and report incidents during operations. Black Coral LIVE allows you to view general information on all incidents or drill down to specific locations or text data sets associated with the incident.


Black Coral LIVE v3.0 is seamlessly integrated with Microsoft's Groove Virtual Office 3.1. The integration allows local groups to share data and automatically re-synchronize with their team when they connect to their network(s). Black Coral LIVE is integrated with Microsoft's Groove Virtual Office via Web services, which means it benefits from all transport, security and collaboration features, yet operates as a separate application.


New location-based services are becoming available everyday, and Black Coral LIVE consumes location-based services as data sources. Black Coral LIVE allows sharing of team member positions if the team members are equipped with GPS devices, or it can link to location services that consolidate the team positions. The flexibility of this solution is unmatched in other applications. Black Coral LIVE also integrates with web-based or database-driven gazetteer services, such as ESRI Web Services and Microsoft MapPoint for searching named places.


Using Black Coral LIVE Mobile first responders can report and receive critical information on assets in the field. Providing heightened situational awareness to the multiple head quarters monitoring and directing the crisis/event. Black Coral LIVE Mobile is compatible with Windows Mobile 2003 and Mobile 5.0.



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