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Welcome to Anvil Technologies

Anvil Technologies specializes in providing wireless solutions that are highly mobile, secure, and quickly deployable. Anvil's solutions are available to and used by private industry and government organizations.  This communications infrastructure is the key to enabling access to live video and audio and realtime access to data applications.

Referred to as RECoN™ (Roaming Emergency Communications Network) for the Emergency Management sector and as ICoN™ (Infield Communications Network) for the non-emergency commercial organization, both solutions have been integrated using COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) and Open Systems components allowing for maximum flexibility.

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What differentiates RECoN™ from competitive products is its unique integration of technology, resulting in a smarter, comprehensive, scaleable communication solution. It allows the First Responder to focus on the execution of objectives without also having to worry about maintaining the communication system.

With ICoN™, Anvil has leveraged its expertise developed for the Emergency Response sector and applied it to providing innovative, cost-effective communications for non-emergency "normal" operations.

Along with its technology capabilities, Anvil has integrated in engineering knowledge which has led to the design, manufacture and sale of specialized solutions that combine alternate power (solar, wind and hydrogen cell) with its communications capabilities providing its customers with self-sustaining solutions that are autonomously powered for extended periods.

Anvil's RECoN™ solution addresses a problem challenging First Responders globally — how to enhance situational awareness and facilitate interoperability (interconnecting different communications systems such as VHF/UHF radio cellular and land-line phone etc.).  RECoN™ offers the customer the opportunity of implementing a fully functional, affordable, mobile wireless communications solution.  Alternatively, RECoN™ can be retrofitted to an existing communication infrastructure for expansion and to enhance substantially performance and efficiency.

With ICoN™, Anvil has enabled customers to implement a cost-effective alternative to wired communications to improve network costs, where conventional cable installations are impractical or impossible.

Anvil's solutions have been developed for the following specific sectors:

RECoN (Emergency)
ICoN (Non Emergency)
  • Homeland Security
  • Physical Infrastructure & Perimeter Security
  • Public Safety
  • Mining, Oil & Gas
  • Armed Forces
  • Utilities
  • Law Enforcement (Special Operations Teams)
  • Construction (Road & Buildings)
  • Civilian Emergency Response Agencies
  • Port (Air, Sea & Road) & Remote Border
  • Corporate Security Emergency Response
  • Transportation Routes (Rail, Road & Bridges)

Both RECoN™ and ICoN™ are based on Anvil WAPs (Wireless Access Points) which are easy to use, instantly deployable, fully meshed, battery-powered, and form the mobile WiFi infrastructure. The wireless network has a reach of up to 7 miles/11Km (line of sight) between points and is extendable through existing wired or other wireless networks.

Once deployed, personnel use wireless laptops, PDAs, cameras and VoIP handsets to access and stream voice, video and data. This is accessible locally or globally via the internet using a wireless or wired link. All transmissions are fully secure.

Alternative routing and instantaneous pathway healing provide transparent network redundancy. The absence of "root nodes" or network servers eliminates the common single-point-of-failure found in most meshing network systems.

WAPs can be used in standalone mode, in a BubbleNet™ with other WAPs to form a RECoN™ mesh network, or can link to Anvil's TMCT™ ( Trailer Mounted Communications Tower) or OSS™ (Overt Surveillance System).


RECoN™, Bubblenet™, OSS™ & TMCT™ are Registered Trademarks of Anvil Technologies