London (UK) , July 14, 2006
Anvil demonstrates RECoN™ communications from 150ft deep Underground Station
Toronto, June 9,  2006
Anvil and Telesat at the World Conference on Disaster Management
Ft. Lauderdale, May 9, 2006
Anvil exhibits RECoN™ at 2006 Florida Governor’s Hurricane Conference
Talahassee, FL , March 6, 2006
Anvil installs solar-power wireless cameras
Toronto, April 7, 2005
Anvil participates in HUSAR mock disaster
Toronto, January '05
Anvil Technologies participates in Bell Canada's Rendezvous 2005
Niagara, October '04
Anvil Technologies invited to implement RECoN™
Ottawa, October '04
Anvil Technologies presents its wireless communications technology at GTEC, for public sector IT professionals
Toronto, September '04
Anvil Technologies presents its Emergency Management wireless solution at Showcase Ontario
Anvil Technologies

Toronto, January 05

Anvil Technologies participates in Bell Canada's Rendezvous 2005 (Bell internal sales conference)

At the invitation of Bell Canada, Anvil Technologies participated in Rendezvous 2005, an internal Bell sales conference.

The Anvil wireless communications technology was set up by the ambulance on Bell's "IP Street", a stage set made to look like a main street with various businesses on it. The setup attracted a significant amount of interest from the various Bell Enterprise sales consultants who were there to learn what new technologies were available.

Technologies demonstrated over the RECoN™ mobile wireless network included:

  • Streaming live video from multiple camera
  • Voice over IP access to public service and cell phones via the Internet
  • Streaming a live TV channel over the internet
  • Access to remote databases
  • Surfing the 'net

... and all of this running concurrently over RECoN™ without any stress on the system!

April 7 - Toronto
Toronto mock disaster exercise at two undisclosed locations in the Toronto area
April 11 – Winston Salem, North Carolina
NC Department of Commerce Conference on “Doing Business in Canada”
April 13 – London, UK
EU Conference on Emergency Management
April 19 – 20, Markham, Ontario
Anvil Technologies has been invited by the State of North Carolina, Canadian Office