London (UK) , July 14, 2006
Anvil demonstrates RECoN™ communications from 150ft deep Underground Station
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Anvil and Telesat at the World Conference on Disaster Management
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Anvil Technologies presents its Emergency Management wireless solution at Showcase Ontario
Anvil Technologies

Toronto, Ontario -- June 19-20, 2006 -- Anvil Technologies and Telesat join forces at the World Conference on Disaster Management

Telesat and its partner, Anvil Technologies, demonstrated its leading edge RECoN™ (Roaming Emergency Communications Network) at the WCDM on Tuesday June 20th, at 11:15am-11:45am in the Presentation Theatre in the Exhibit Hall.

First responders at incidents operate in an environment of severely reduced situational awareness. Keeping first responders abreast of changes at an incident is a significant issue for a communication system. Anvil's RECoN™ solution is an instantly deployable, highly secure, battery or mains operated, fully meshed Wi-Fi (802.11.x) network. It provides Incident Commanders with "virtual eyes" (live video) and instant access to voice and data locally and globally over the Internet using broadband satellite communications.

      Solutions demonstrated:

      • The speed at which the RECoN™ solution can be deployed (within minutes).
      • What a typical RECoN™ kit consists of (pull-along pelican case containing meshed wireless access points, PTZ and mobile wireless cameras, PDAs, tablets, etc.).
      • Streaming live video from multiple cameras (stationary and mobile).
      • Use of a PDA to control PTZ wireless camera.
      • VoIP (within the Bubblenet™ and also externally by dialing out to PSTN via the Internet).
      • Instant on-line access to remote documentation via the Internet (illustrate how quickly even large documents can be accessed).
      • On-line access to live RECoN™ site, including control of PTZ cameras.
      • Simulated broadband satellite connection allowing streaming video, VoIP, data to be transmitted back to Headquarters through a secure connection.

Telesat and Anvil have recently released an innovative and cost-effective air-time package for Emergency Management and Public Safety.


About Telesat
Telesat is a pioneer in satellite operations and systems management. The company made history in 1972 with the launch of the first domestic commercial communications satellite in geostationary orbit. Today, Telesat competes with other top international satellite fleets in providing telecommunications and broadcasting services throughout the Americas, and is a well-known consultant in satellite ventures around the globe. Telesat is a wholly-owned subsidiary of BCE Inc., a leading communications company with shares listed in the United States, Canada and Europe.

About Anvil Technologies

Anvil, founder of the RECoN™ Strategic Partnership, is a private Canadian company that specializes in the provision of wireless communication solutions for emergency management. Anvil's customers include government authorities, first responder agencies, public and private companies. What differentiates Anvil is that it offers a fully integrated, tested and proven solution. Its 24/7 services include professional services, technology, on-site/online training and maintenance. As a system integrator, Anvil invests significantly in R&D, ensuring that its solutions work effectively and efficiently.

Please contact Anvil Technologies for further details.

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