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March 26 – 29 2006 Spring World, Orlando, Florida
Anvil teamed with VoiceGard to Debut New Offering - VoiceGard, headquartered in New Jersey, is the leader in developing & implementing business continuity solutions for today's business communication recovery needs. VoiceGard’s capabilities include the ability to restore full telephone services utilizing an IP based network. Together with Anvil Technologies’ RECoN suite of solutions, platforms have been developed to support all telephone systems and all carriers anywhere at anytime. The VoiceGard Recovery Center (VRC) provides 24x7 support and will route your business calls to any destination ensuring your phone service is restored with minimal interruption. Anvil consultants, together with the LBP team and VoiceGard engineers, will assist with developing, documenting and testing an online Business Continuity Plan (BCP) specific to your organization’s requirements to ensure routing capabilities and service compliance.
April 7 2005 Toronto
Toronto mock disaster exercise at two undisclosed locations in the Toronto area: Anvil Technologies will be implementing the BreadCrumb mobile wireless communications network and streaming live video, voice and data from the incident hot site via the Internet to the simulated field hospital and support unit. Also on demonstration will be Anvils Technology Enhanced Distance Counselling, a support service that is offered for people undergoing high stress following catastrophic incidents, manmade or natural, or for hard-to-reach communities where ongoing psychiatric services are difficult to deliver in person because of the challenges of getting to the location.
April 11 2005 Winston Salem, North Carolina
NC Department of Commerce Conference on Doing Business in Canada. Anvil Technologies has been invited to present on its products and services, and the various challenges surrounding importing U.S. manufactured technologies into Canada.
April 13 2005 London, UK
EU Conference on Emergency Management: In conjunction with WorldReach Software, Anvil Technologies BreadCrumb emergency management wireless communications technology will be demonstrated to an EU audience.
April 19-20, 2005 Markham, Ontario
Anvil Technologies has been invited by the State of North Carolina, Canadian Office, to participate in the 2nd Canadian RFID Conference at which it will demonstrate its BreadCrumb emergency management wireless communications technology.
London (UK) , July 14, 2006
Anvil demonstrates RECoN™ communications from 150ft deep Underground Station
Toronto, June 9,  2006
Anvil and Telesat at the World Conference on Disaster Management
Ft. Lauderdale, May 9, 2006
Anvil exhibits RECoN™ at 2006 Florida Governors Hurricane Conference
Talahassee, FL , March 6, 2006
Anvil installs solar-power wireless cameras
Toronto, April 7, 2005
Anvil participates in HUSAR mock disaster
Toronto, January '05
Anvil Technologies participates in Bell Canada's Rendezvous 2005
Niagara, October '04
Anvil Technologies invited to implement RECoN™
Ottawa, October '04
Anvil Technologies presents its wireless communications technology at GTEC, for public sector IT professionals
Toronto, September '04
Anvil Technologies presents its Emergency Management wireless solution at Showcase Ontario