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Advanced Wireless Communications Deployed in London Tube Station in Minutes

Toronto, Ont. -- July 14, 2006 -- Anvil Technologies (Canada) and Primetech (UK) Ltd., providers of wireless solutions for Emergency Management, today announced that they had successfully demonstrated RECoN™ wireless communications on the Aldwych tube station ( London, UK, Underground).

The demonstration illustrated how quickly RECoN™ can be deployed at an incident site. In this case, within 10 minutes, Voice over IP, live video and data was transmitted from the Aldwych platform level, six stories below ground, to the surface and via satellite over the Internet. An interoperable communication system was also demonstrated, providing first responders using disparate radio systems, regular or mobile phones the ability to talk with each other above and below ground

The London Assembly Report on the 7 July, 2005, London terrorist bombings identified that the key to an effective response to a major or catastrophic incident is communications. The Report also recognized that over the next few years communications will be vastly improved. The question is what happens in the meantime? What is the fallback solution if the existing infrastructure fails or is not available? What is the alternative and how quickly can it be deployed?

"We believe that RECoN™ is a superb solution," said Henry Walker, Managing Director of Primetech. "The underlying technology is already in use with various agencies and armed forces globally. It is easy to use, lightweight, deploys in minutes, is highly secure and can be carried by a person anywhere, anytime. Running off batteries, generators or solar panels, it is not dependent on local power supply."

"RECoN™ provides more than just voice communication. Incident Commanders will benefit significantly from the enhanced situational awareness, that is, the ability to view live data streamed from an incident. They will also be able to retrieve critical or sensor data", continued Mr. Walker.

Canadian technology integrator, Anvil Technologies, established RECoN™ as a global umbrella, Primetech being selected as the UK partner. John Mealin, Chairman of Anvil, stated, "Primetech is our ideal partner, offering superb service and complementary expertise, especially in satellite technology. Their customers are first responders, the same type of customers we deal with. RECoN will further safeguard their wellbeing at incidents and enhance their effectiveness."

The Rajant BreadCrumb auto-meshing network is the underlying wireless infrastructure used in the RECoN™ solution. Jim Washington, President of the Rajant Corporation, noted, "We were pleased to participate in this impressive demonstration. The benefits of RECoN's wireless solution will greatly assist London officials in any prevention or response activities".

Trilogy Communications provided the interoperability platform that seamlessly allowed full communication between disparate radio devices.

The demonstration was well attended by many UK and London public safety officials and generated significant interest.

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