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Tallahassee , Florida -- March 3, 2006 -- Anvil Technologies has completed installation of wireless cameras for Florida-based engineering firm, PBS&J. PBS&J earlier had been awarded the Capital Circle Northwest Improvement Project by Florida State Department of Transport (FDOT) and the project required video cameras to be placed at strategic points along a stretch of Hwy 263 in Tallahassee. Several factors led the client to adopt Anvil Technologies' unique approach to what appeared at first to be a simple problem.

Conventional systems would rely upon power and signal lines to be constantly moved as the project changed in scope. Terrestrial infrastructure was likely to be damaged continuously, causing multiple outages, and requiring costly ongoing maintenance.

Image of the Project site showing location of the cameras

The Anvil RECoN™ Solution is a secure wireless, self meshing, self healing, mobile WiFi platform. This platform allows for instant deployment of high bandwidth applications with zero infrastructure requirement.

For the FDOT, this allowed a stand-alone, solar powered camera array to be located anywhere within the wireless Bubblenet™ created by the RECoN™ network. Deployment of the network was on a semi-stationary basis, powered by stand-alone solar charging systems, deployed at any point along the stretch of Hwy 263 currently under reconstruction.

The low (5 watt) power consumption of the RECoN™ network was ideal for this purpose, allowing a small power system to be deployed. PTZ cameras were mounted high atop standard wooden power poles, along with high gain omni-directional antennas. These antennas connected to RECoN™ devices housed in utility cabinets at the base of the poles, which also housed the charging and battery systems. The RECoN™ system was placed at each of the two camera locations, with a third stand-alone RECoN™ system used as a "reach-back" for internet connectivity. This third site did not have a camera and was used to provide redundancy in the mesh and also to provide a "gateway" point to the internet.

This method of deployment effectively blanketed the entire area with a proprietary, secure, high bandwidth network in every direction. The RECoN™ network is capable of delivering multiple video feeds across a large distance, while still allowing multiple data pathways for ancillary purposes. This would allow engineering and field survey teams to work from the construction site as though they were sitting at their desks, as all of their technical resources could be accessed via the network.

By applying out of the box thinking to a common problem, Anvil Technologies was able to not only provide a video feed from two disparate locations but in doing so, unleashed tremendous potential for engineering teams on the project. Perhaps the biggest ROI came in the ability to deploy the infrastructure and leave it in place to function for the multi-year lifespan of the project without significant maintenance requirements.

The cameras' video streams can be viewed at:


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