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Trailer Mounted Communications Tower (TMCT) aka TrailerCam


Sometimes the phone or a hand held radio are just not enough. Anvil's TMCT is a trailer mounted, self powered, robust 802.11 based communications center combined with an autonomous video surveillance system.

The TMCT was developed by Anvil Technologies to provide a low cost solution to the challenge of quickly deploying a virtually maintenance free means of surveying a large remote area in real time and simultaneously providing communications of voice, data and video within, and to and from the area.

Mounted on a custom built, commercial trailer, Anvil's TMCT can be towed by any service vehicle to the surveillance site and deployed in minutes, freeing the towing vehicle for other uses. Whether it's a remote, rough terrain location or a disaster or construction site, the trailer's outriggers can be quickly deployed and the communications and surveillance system set up in just a few minutes.


Trailer with stabalizers deployed

The communications system is based on Anvil's RECoN™ technology and provides a high level of service. A Wireless LAN is established providing a secure, 802.11 based Bubblenet™ over a minimum 1,000ft radius. Any authorised user with a wireless PDA, notebook, laptop, or tablet computer can immediately communicate within and over the Bubblenet™ and, where provided, securely access the internet via the TMCT's wireless connection to a remote access point.


The camera can be raised beyond 42 ft to capture images that are continuously transmitted over the secure Bubblenet™ to any authorized and accessible remote location and simultaneously recorded on an available on-board DVR.

The TMCT's solar panels and communications tower are raised electrically requiring only one person for the entire deployment. All of the TMCT's systems are designed to operate unattended for extended periods in extreme heat and cold, requiring only infrequent maintenance. 
The surveillance system uses a high performance PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) camera with 360° rotation and x26 zoom, coupled with ambient and low light capability to capture detailed colour video and still shots over a wide area.


The TMCT is autonomously powered by a battery bank charged by solar panels, or an optional generator or wind turbine.

Anyone needing secure local voice, video and data communications and available access to the internet in fields such as law enforcement, the military, natural disaster mobile communications, ports, airports and railroad terminal security operations, construction sites, mining operations, pipeline monitoring and special events, will find Anvil's TMCT invaluable.








Weight (max. load)

3,500 lbs


Welded steel box frame with non-slip plating deck and weather/vandal resistant housings


Heavy duty adjustable outriggers

Towing Connections

2 inch ball and ring

Vehicle Status

Complies with all DoT and TC road-going trailer licensing requirements

Electrical System

12v lighting and braking

Communications Tower



Girder frame - steel


Retracted horizontal length:  12 feet

Fully Extended height:  42 feet

Deployment Mechanism

Electric raise, extend and lower

Roading Clearance

7 feet

Wireless Communications System



2.4 GHz


11 MHz


1,000ft to .5 miles


128bit AirFortress®, 256bit AES and Triple DES




Pan, Tilt, Zoom, Patrol, Motion Detection, Motion Reporting, Two-way audio communications

Mechanical Zoom


Note: Specifications subject to change without notice


  • Demountable platform allowing removal of trailer
  • Generator
  • Wind turbine
  • Autonomous security with motion detection, image and location reporting
  • GPS locator and location reporting
  • Extended Bubblenet™ range to 10 miles line of sight
  • On-board Digital Video Recorder
  • Direct Internet service via on-board satellite link with extended frame and sat-link service
  • NSA Type 1 security available (to authorized agencies only)


Please contact Anvil Technologies for further details.