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Anvil's recently announced EMSCoN™ (Emergency Management Satellite Communications Network) solution is a high-quality, reliable, two-way satellite (Broadband) communications facility. EMSCoN's™ Broadband capability allows real-time, audio-visual applications and advanced multimedia, to be shared between remote incident sites and headquarters, or sites anywhere globally.

As a solution integrator, Anvil has worked with Telesat Canada to provide an end-to-end tested solution to meet the special needs of EM (Emergency Teams) teams. Recognizing that EM teams need stable and dependable communications bandwidth to enable video streaming, voice communications and data exchange from critical incidents at remote sites to headquarters or other sites, Anvil has assembled a solution that supports these needs in a cost-effective manner yet does not sacrifice the bandwidth to other users on a shared service.

As soon as an EMSCoN™ link is established, usually in less than five minutes, encrypted video from each of the remotely deployed EMSCoN™ cameras, voice and data will be transmitted to a secure web portal housed at the department's EOC or other designated receiving station(s). Authorized remote users will be able to view, converse and exchange data from any location over a fully secured VPN (Virtual Private Network) by connecting to the EOC web host. Authorized remote users will also be able to control the PTZ (pan, tilt and zoom) functions of each camera.


Shared Service Versus Dedicated Service

In order to provide a cost-effective Airtime Service Plan, Carriers (or Service Providers) often will offer a "Shared Service Plan" that effectively means that you the subscriber shares access with other subscribers. The maximum data rate and the contention ratio (sharing factor) specify largely the performance of a shared satellite service. While highly contented services work fine for light usage ( SOHO environment), heavy users need a service with a "low contention" ratio.

This can be a problem for EM teams especially if they intend to utilize video streaming or VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) to enhance their capabilities. For services like VoIP, which require 20kbit/s each way on average, all the time the call is in progress, or video surveillance applications which require even more, then Dedicated Service Plans are appropriate. In addition, while most Carriers do not block VPN connections, they do exempt them from support, configuration or troubleshooting help.

Anvil's EMSCoN™ deploys rapidly in virtually any conditions and provides cost-effective, secure and reliable video, voice and data communications between authorised users in the field, at base or anywhere in the world. Coupled with Anvil's RECoN™, first responder teams can communicate information of any type amongst themselves or with those at a distance. Unhindered communications facilitate informed decisions, rapid actions, effective operations and loss mitigation.


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