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e-learning: The Online Learning Facilty for Emergency Management

Online learning or "e-learning" (electronic learning) is an innovative method of learning whereby some of the interaction takes place via the internet. Students benefit from the self-paced approach regardless of geographic location. Therefore, courses are available wherever internet is accessible. However, most online training or "e-learning" programs can take hours to complete which rapidly deteriorate the learner's interest. Constantly having to scroll to read too much information; poorly planned interface that does not interact with the learner; inadequately designed learning management systems that fail to track learners results are some examples of e-learning systems that exist.

Anvil's partner, Respond Solution's innovative creation of learning centres each learner's needs in on-line learning environment. This allows students to get fully involved; participate in simulations and tests like never before, and get instantaneous feedback on his/her progress. Students can refresh and update skills when required, without waiting for a full course to be scheduled. This sophisticated system coupled with Respond-Solution's philosophy is designed with the learner and client in mind.

Our approach to different learning styles can be accommodated by on-line learning. We offer generic courses as well as the capability of customizing any curriculum that a client may need to simultaneously access hundreds or even thousands of employee's within an organization world wide. Our instantaneous database makes tracking of staff's progress a breeze by providing real time administrative data.

Respond Solution provides a cost-effective approach for employers as time management is improved and controlled with e-learning. Our interactive images, text and video provide a valuable education to suit any organizations needs.


  • New user friendly inter-phase design
  • Modular & Lesson "easy to follow" curriculum format
  • New interactive real time video scenario format
  • Ability to insert client specific curriculum automatically
  • Real time reporting and tracking for users and client coordinators
  • Automatic email reminders on user due dates
  • Automatic email reminders on forgotten user name and/or passwords


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