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The Need for Technology Enabled Distance Counseling

During emergencies of all types, (fires, road accidents, plane crashes, hostage takings etc.) everyone involved experiences high levels of stress, with many becoming overwhelmed by extreme stress and quickly become dysfunctional. In addition, Emergency Responders and support staff can become incapable of continuing in their duties and distraught sufferers or relatives can impede mitigation actions or incur long term psychological injury such as post traumatic stress disorder, depression or worse.

On-scene doctors, nurses and other persons capable of offering counseling can quickly become overwhelmed as people are directed to them for help, as shown by recent critical incidents involving large numbers of civilian casualties (9/11, Madrid, Southeast Asia tsunami, etc.). Technology Enabled Distance Counseling (TEDC) does not replace on-scene physiological assistance; it supplements the services of overwhelmed on-scene staff. Potential physiological sufferers receive immediate assistance that will negate long-term damage. Assistance is provided within the critical first few minutes or hours after the event and debilitating illnesses can be avoided.

Anvil's TEDC Service
Anvil's TEDC provides stress management triage and counseling in support of emergency managers and on-scene counselors and caregivers. The services are aimed at first responders (regular agencies and civic organizations), sufferers, and sufferers' relatives, friends and other loved ones.

Anvil's TEDC provides an almost instant link to medical professionals specializing in stress management and other physiological care for anyone deemed to be in need. The link is established through secure internet communication protocols between secure and discrete counseling stations established by the client emergency management organization at or close to the site of the emergency, and remote counseling staff who are on-call for the specific purpose of providing aid in high stress circumstances.

Two-way audio/video communications are enabled over the Internet allowing counselor and counselee to see and talk to each other in real time. Counseling stations consist of a secure room, vehicle or area close to the event equipped with high-speed Internet access, a computer, microphone and camera.

Anvil's TEDC is scalable and is available to hard-to-reach communities as a standard non-emergency service.

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