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Communication problems are continually cited as contributing factors in emergency incidents where Emergency Services personnel are killed or injured. The number of "near-miss" incidents where Incident Site communication was ineffective may be higher than generally realized.

Anvil Technologies has integrated a number of solutions to allow Emergency Management Services, other government (Municipal, Provincial and Federal) departments, and corporate security personnel access to newer technologies, to improve inter-agency coordination, communication and operability. We offer our clients an invaluable combination of modern technology and emergency and risk management consulting. Our experts cover various related disciplines allowing Anvil to bring world-class knowledge and field experience to your side, including the ability to integrate legacy systems and technology with our new solutions.

Anvil's unique combination of expertise and technology in a single firm provides Emergency Management personnel with comprehensive end-to-end security solutions.

Along with the First Responder community, other organizations that would benefit from Anvil's Emergency Management suite of solutions include companies that have:

Electric power generation, transmission and distribution systems
Natural gas facilities, including wells, pipelines, storage, compression stations and distribution systems
Petroleum-related facilities, including gasoline and diesel fuel tanks, jet fuel refineries, pipelines, tankers, storage, facilities, pumping stations and distribution systems
Transportation facilities, including ports, bridges, tunnels, airports, rail other and mass transit systems
Finance and banking institutions
Telecommunications systems
Large manufacturing



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