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Video In Motion

VIM's next generation technology, extends the capabilities of remote video surveillance systems and delivers the added benefit of mobility. VIM is a set of software components residing both on the server and on the desktop or handheld, that captures, digitizes, stores and plays-back hi-resolution video across your network, to any PC or mobile device. VIM can be used as a stand-alone software application or as an embedded tool for 3-rd party hardware or software.

Unique Features:

The only solution optimized to operate on low bandwidth networks - including wi-fi, cellular and bluetooth. VIM delivers up to 15fps without any degradation of image quality on a wide variety of mobile platforms: Pocket PC, Windows CE, Palm and Symbian.
Unified Interface - VIM consolidates streams from multiple video formats: MJPEG, MPEG 2 & 4, H263 and Delta into one unified interface for centralized management, viewing and monitoring.
Open Extendable Platform - VIM can integrate with standard storage, compression and database platforms. VIM works with any commercial camera, digital video recorder and CCTV equipment. VIM can also seamlessly integrate with existing client IT, security and building management systems.
Enhanced Scalability - VIM supports an unlimited number of cameras, users and other devices on the network.
Advanced Security - VIM provides multiple levels of security and authentication.
Ease of Use & Support - VIM's intuitive GUI makes navigating a breeze Cost Effective - no need to replace existing systems, maximize your past and future investments.

VIM Components include:

Control Server Network Video Recorder Notification Manager Player Mobile Player
Control Server
Centralized Management & Security
Network Video Recorder
Recording & Archiving-Remote, on-site or both
Notification Manager
Real-time alerts, anywhere
Powerful & Intuitive
Mobile Player
Real-time Video-anywhere

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