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Your Mission: Reduce Vehicle Theft
Our Solution: BSM Stinger

There were an estimated 1.2 million motor vehicle thefts in the United States for the calendar year of 2002, a 1.4 percent increase over the 2001 year rate. The estimated value of these stolen vehicles was over $8 billion dollars.

Every day more than 442 vehicles are reported stolen in Canada and more than 161,000 vehicles annually. The cost to settle insurance claims related to these auto thefts was well over $400 million in 2001. The number of vehicles stolen in Canada and the value of related insurance claims has increased significantly every year over the past decade.

The Stinger solution is an innovative turnkey vehicle tracking and surveillance system developed exclusively by BSM Wireless Inc. (formerly HGI Wireless Inc.) for law enforcement bait vehicle programs. The BSM Stinger was designed in close cooperation with North American police departments and leading insurance companies.

The Stinger hardware is pre-installed in "bait vehicles" which are left unattended in high auto-theft areas. Any one of eight possible triggered events - such as a door or trunk opening or a vehicle leaving or entering a geo-fence zone causes an audible alarm to go off at the BSM Stinger monitoring workstation as well as alerting up to three different pagers.

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